Building Community Spirit

All students attending Peninsula International School Australia will be allocated to a House. The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. It also has the following added benefits:

  • It allows students to have an opportunity to interact with students from all year levels
  • It increases opportunities for student leadership
  • It allows students to gain house points for a variety of positive learning and behavioural attitudes
  • It allows students to participate in a variety of activities that are non-academic and non-athletic
  • It can be a source of positive peer-pressure and motivation that can have a positive effect in the classroom

The House names are Redhill Dingos, Sorrento Wombats, Flinders Kangaroos and Mornington Koalas with the associated house colours and as part of our partnership with Peninsula Grammar School, are named after towns in Melbourne area.

Red Hill Dingos

Red is the colour of passion and determination.

Red Hill is a small rural community in Victoria, Australia. It is located in the vicinity of the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour’s drive south of Melbourne.

Dingos are a distinct type of dog native to Australia. They are very good runners and live in packs.

Sorrento Wombats

Blue is the colour of intellect and openness to new experiences.

Sorrento is a township in Victoria, Australia, located on the shores of Port Phillip on the Mornington Peninsula, about one and a half hour’s south of Melbourne.

Wombats are short-legged, muscular marsupials that are native to Australia. Wombats are extremely strong and very proficient diggers.

Mornington Koalas

Yellow is associated with intellect and energy which stimulates mental activity.

Mornington Peninsula is located south-east of Melbourne, Australia. It is surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south and is connected to the mainland in the north.

Koalas are herbivorous marsupials, native to Australia. Koalas are wise, cautious and independent characters.

Flinders Kangaroos

Green is the color of life, renewal and is associated with meanings of growth and harmony.

Flinders, once known as Mendi-Moke, is a town south of Melbourne, Victoria and is located on the Mornington Peninsula at the point where Western Port meets Bass Strait.

Kangaroos are one of many marsupials native to Australia and are expert jumpers and even swimmers. They live in groups called mobs.