How to Apply

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. Families are however, strongly encouraged to commence school at the beginning of a semester. Families seeking admission for their child or children should make initial contact with the Admissions Office.

There are three steps to the Enrolment Process.

Step One – The Application Process

To apply for a place at the School, please complete and return a signed Application to Register for Enrolment Form and all required documentation as detailed below. All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable Application Fee of MYR 1,000.

Please use the following checklist as a guide to submitting the required documentation:

  • Application to Register for Enrolment Form
  • Application Fee of MYR 1,000 (non refundable)
  • Official copies of school reports for the previous 24 months. A certified English translation is required for reports not originally issued in English.
  • Any documentation relating to additional services your child is receiving or has received over the past 5 years. For example, an IEP/ISP; educational-psychological evaluation; speech and language reports; OT reports etc.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport (personal details page) or MyKad/MyKid for Malaysian students. For students who do not have a passport or MyKid, a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Copies of parents’ / legal guardians’ passport (personal details page) or MyKad for Malaysians
  • A recent passport-style photo of each applicant
  • Recent passport-style photos of each parent / legal guardian

Parents / Legal guardians will be notified once the student’s completed application and documents have been received.

Step Two – The Assessment Process

On receipt of a completed Application to Register for Enrolment Form together with full supporting documentation and the Application Fee, the Admissions Office will contact you to arrange the appropriate admissions assessments and / or interviews. From PreP to Year 2, your child will have an opportunity to meet with the Academic Team in an informal setting. From Year 3 onwards, your child will undertake more formal assessments to determine whether Peninsula International School Australia is best placed to develop their learning. Parents will be asked to accompany their children to the interviews.

Please note that an invitation for an interview is no guarantee of a position at the School. In some instances, we may make a conditional offer without first interviewing a student.

A decision to admit, to admit pending a vacancy, or to refuse admission is taken jointly by the Admissions Committee comprising of the Founding Principal, the Junior or Middle / Senior School Principals as appropriate and the Admissions Director, in accordance with the admissions policies.

Step Three – The Acceptance Process

Families will be advised of the Admissions Committee’s decision and should a place be available for your child, a Letter of Offer will be forwarded to you, together with enrolment documentation within a week after completion of the assessment and interview.

To accept the offer, these documents must be completed, signed and returned to the School together with the applicable fees paid, by the date specified in our Letter of Offer. Successful applicants will be admitted to class only when payment, or guarantee of payment, has been received by our Finance Office.

The outcome of the Admissions Committee is final. However, applicants who wish to appeal the decision should contact the Junior or Middle / Senior School Principals as appropriate. Appeals made to members of the Board of Governors, the Executive Board, administrative or other academic staff must be redirected to the appropriate Principals of Junior or Middle / Senior School.