Music exchange with Jimei Elementary School

International schools are built on providing students with learning and cultural opportunities that embrace the term Global. One such recent experience that was built on this aspect of international mindedness was a music exchange programme with a respected Taiwanese school.

Jimei Elementary School from Taipei, Taiwan, was invited to have an exchange of ideas on music with our students on 6 May 2019. These talented students aged 7 to 13 showcased their musical talent through two fantastic orchestra performances on stage. A few of our Year 9, 10 and 11 students also put up two performances in our auditorium.

This programme encourages our students to grow as well as apply their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of settings and situations. Students of both Jimei Elementary School and PISA gained intangible benefits from this international exchange.

We hope to have more of such programmes at our school to enrich our students’ experiences. In the process, they’ll gain new friends from across the world and broaden their worldview during their studies at PISA.