School Cafeteria

Lunch is divided into two sittings – Primary and Secondary, so students are given enough space and time to enjoy their tasty meal. Students may purchase lunch from our Cafeteria or bring their own lunch if they wish. If bringing food to the school, please adhere to the school’s Peanut-safe Policy, as we do at our Cafeteria.

Here at Peninsula International School Australia, our cashless solution is called as eService. This is all about making catering more accessible and convenient. With a simple payment system that only requires a smartcard, our solutions allow queues at school cafeteria to be significantly cut.

For catering in particular, the cashless solution ensures that the school money they are providing to their children is actually being spent where it’s intended to be. With this cashless system parents can log in to the online payment portal at any time to top-up their child’s account or to view transaction / payment history. Online meal orders & payments are quickly registered on the child’s account.

Calms Online Payment and Top up System is part of our eservice portal that allow to purchase pre-order meal and top-up using online payment gateway.

About our Cashless Solutions