School Trips

Each year, Peninsula International School Australia will organise a variety of field trips. Many of the field trips will take place during the school day, as part of the regular class work. The local visits to museums, parks, organisations and companies, as well as walks within specific areas of Kuala Lumpur are designed to enrich the students’ learning.

In addition to the local visits, we will start to develop and organise overnight trips to various destinations in Malaysia. These field trips will offer students experiential learning opportunities, providing them with activities in environments that are rich in nature and history. During these longer field trips, students will also get an opportunity to get to know each other better, and to bond as a class. The overnight field trips will typically take place at the beginning of the Middle School Years and develop into the Senior Years.

The students will have additional opportunities to go on field trips as part of our Extended Curriculum Activities, both in the local community, elsewhere in Malaysia, and throughout South East Asia and Australia.