Peninsula International School is committed to developing all of the abilities of our students.  The growing trend in schools across the world is to explore the multi-disciplinary links between science and technology through STEM subjects from years Foundation to Year 8.
STEM – Stands for:
S – Science
T – Technology
E- Engineering
M- Mathematics 
The school has engaged a company called World of Robotics (WOR) to teach this as part of the normal curriculum program.  The WOR company and it’s instructors come with a strong track record of delivering engaging programs at a number of schools, they bring their own specialised resources and are all fully accredited to work with children and have current child safety checks.

Below is a link, your child’s course outline for this term is listed, please select your child’s year level and click on it and there is a PDF for you to print or save as you see fit, it tells you what the learning objective is for every class and what activity your child will be working on.