Peninsula Partners with National Online Safety

Peninsula Partners with National Online Safety

Now that schooling has almost fully transitioned onto the online platform, Peninsula International School Australia, Malaysia Campus (PISA) sees the need to enhance security on all learning and teaching platforms.

The school has therefore reached out to form a partnership with National Online Safety (NOS) from the UK.

PISA is now one of the only two international schools in Malaysia, and the first in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor region, to lead the way for other schools with online child protection and safeguarding professional resources for its entire school community.

This partnership is a strategy to keep children safe online, given that they may not have adult supervision all the time when they are conducting research or working on their assignments.

With or without the presence of online predators within their learning environment, NOS is a sure-fire way of ensuring the safety of children in a virtual setting.

The NOS courses established for International Schools provide leaders and educators with the content to ensure that schools are taking a comprehensive approach to online safety.

Courses, webinars, videos, guides, lesson plans and weekly updates will be delivered via a high quality hub. This hub is organised to fit around busy workloads, with all online learning accessible on any device at any time.

The NOS resources at PISA have increased the safeguarding standards for the whole school community. This partnership is definitely an asset to the school as they further progress into and embrace digital education as the new norm.

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