Student Placement Guide

Age of Student on Dec 31Year of BirthPISA VC Program GradeEquivalent Grade / Year in other educational systems
MalaysiaUSA/CanadaIBUK and UK International Schools*New Zealand*JapanChinaSingaporeKorea
62018FoundationKindergartenKindergartenEY2Year 1Year 1KindergartenKindergartenKindergartenKindergarten
72017Year 1Standard 11st GradeGrade 1Year 2Year 2Grade 1Year 1Primary 11st Grade
82016Year 2Standard 22nd GradeGrade 2Year 3Year 3Grade 2Year 2Primary 22nd Grade
92015Year 3Standard 33rd GradeGrade 3Year 4Year 4Grade 3Year 3Primary 33rd Grade
102014Year 4Standard 44th GradeGrade 4Year 5Year 5Grade 4Year 4Primary 44th Grade
112013Year 5Standard 55th GradeGrade 5Year 6Year 6Grade 5Year 5Primary 55th Grade
122012Year 6Standard 66th GradeGrade 6Year 7Year 7Grade 6Year 6Primary 66th Grade
132011Year 7Form 17th GradeGrade 7Year 8Year 8Grade 1Year 1Secondary 11stGrade
142010Year 8Form 28th GradeGrade 8Year 9Year 9Grade 2Year 2Secondary 22ndGrade
152009Year 9Form 39th GradeGrade 9Year 10Year 10Grade 3Year 3Secondary 33rdGrade
162008Year 10Form 410th GradeGrade 10Year 11Year 11Grade 1Year 1Secondary 41stGrade
172007Year 11Form 511th GradeGrade 11Year 12Year 12Grade 2Year 2Secondary 52ndGrade
182006Year 12Form 612th GradeGrade 12Year 13Year 13Grade 3Year 3Tertiary3rdGrade

*If your child is currently registered at a school following the British or New Zealand Curriculum, it is important to note that grade / year levels do not align between the British or New Zealand education and Australian education.

Offers & Waivers

The first 400 students who enroll in the school will be entitled to enjoy Founding Fees. Save up to 35% off your school fees.

To ease some of the financial burdens during this uncertain times, we’re doing our part by freezing our school fees till 2024. Our Fees will be fixed until 2024 and will only be reviewed annually thereafter.

*Terms and conditions apply.

How To Apply?

Here’s how you can enrol your child at Peninsula International School Australia.

Step 1

Contact Our Admission Team

Our admission team is here to answer any questions on enrolling your child into the school. Ask us online or call on 011 39750890.

Visit School

You will be well looked after with personalised tour from the school admission team about the curriculum and meet the School Principal.

Step 2
Step 3

Fill Student Applications Form

You will be required to fill in the Student Application Form and submit it with relevant documents.

Take an Assesment

Admission will be based on availability and successful completion of ACER admission test and final interview with the School Principal.

Step 4
Step 5

Receive Offer Letter

Once your child has qualified and provided there is a space in the year group, they will be offered a placement based on the assessment results.

Accept and Enrol

We look to welcoming you into Peninsula International School Australia.

Step 6

School Fees & Calendar

Please click on the sections below to download important information for your application.

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