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School Philosophy

School Philosophy

Quality Education

We provide a quality education system for the 21st century needs, with an emphasis on individual learning and critical thinking, to help its students to discover and develop their talents and to fulfill their potential.

We do this through a curriculum which we regard as exemplary, adaptable to our particular needs and well tested for international application. Our partner in the delivery of this curriculum is Peninsula Grammar from the state of Victoria in Australia, which has a long and distinguished record and expertise in international curriculum delivery and administration.

Character Development

We incorporate all aspects of human development:

Intellectual, social, physical, aesthetic and moral—with integrated learning by guiding students to be curious about the truth of all that the world has to offer.

School Philosophy
School Philosophy

Safe and Conducive Learning Environment

We are committed to the creation and maintenance of a peaceful and secure environment, to the non-violent resolution of problems and conflicts and the peaceful co-existence of children of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.


We consciously build a bridge for our students between Malaysia and the rest of the world so that they can be fully skilled as effective global citizens.

School Philosophy
Australian Partners

Australian Partner

Peninsula Grammar is delighted to expand to Malaysia, having earlier branched out to other parts of the world like China and India. This is a testament to our excellence in curriculum development and quality teaching which has allowed our students to learn, grow and flourish for over 55 years.

Peninsula Grammar is extremely proud of its students and their academic achievements. Our Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) results are consistently among the best. But this is not the only aspect of a child’s educational journey that we focus on — we also place great importance on extracurricular activities to maximise learning and holistic growth.

Our partnership with Peninsula International School Australia allows us to offer the opportunities that we have developed here in Australia to the world. It means we can share our knowledge and understanding of the ideal learning environment to families who value the same things we do, education and growth.

We are pleased to present to you Peninsula International School Australia and look forward to meeting our new families and students as they join us in this unique learning experience.

Stuart Johnston

About Our Peninsula Grammar

Principal's Message

Welcome to Peninsula International School Australia, (PISA).

We are one of the leading international schools in Malaysia, providing an exceptional education from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

I am thrilled that you are considering our school for your child and hope that you can see, from the details on our website, that PISA is an excellent choice. 

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. We recognise this and at PISA we ensure that every child achieves their potential and more. Through highly enjoyable and engaging learning experiences, pupils acquire the skills and knowledge set out in the highly regarded Victoria Certificate of Education, and in addition, develop as unique individuals through a broad range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

As well as academic progress, your child will develop into a responsible global citizen guided by the four pillars of our school’s philosophy; quality education, internationalism, a safe, vibrant and dynamic learning environment, and character development.

We are deeply committed to ensuring our students are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education with excellent English language skills and the strength of character to match.

I encourage you to come and visit our extensive campus with its impressive range of facilities from state of the art science laboratories, performing and visual arts studios, sports facilities, libraries, spacious and contemporary classrooms and more.

I will be extremely pleased to welcome you and look forward to sharing the achievements of our school and children. I know that you will sense the unique atmosphere here and will want your child to become a part of it.

Mr. Gareth Allman

Head of Secondary School's Message

“Traveller, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking.”

– Australian Aboriginal Saying

The School is, first and foremost, a learning environment in which children feel comfortable and enjoy their educational experience. Learning is at the heart of all we do at Peninsula International School Australia, both in and beyond the classroom, and with so many possibilities, we believe your child will thrive here. We uphold core values such as hard work, excellent manners, and self-discipline, while also preparing our young learners for their future endeavours. We have a devoted and well-trained team that brings 21st-century learning to life for each student.

So, why should you consider enrolling your child in Peninsula International School Australia? We take pleasure in our family atmosphere, the fact that kids feel protected, nurtured and supported.  As parents, we are always on the quest for the school that is the greatest fit for our kids. While we make every effort to provide all of the information you want, we strongly think there is only one way to properly appreciate and experience everything PISA has to offer: visit during a regular school day.

Peninsula International School Australia, Malaysia Campus, offers an internationally recognised curriculum that is attentive to cross-cultural integration. Our VCE Curriculum incorporates 21st-century skills and competencies to help young people become more confident, resilient, and adaptable in an ever-changing environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our school and how together we can make a difference. Over the next few years, I hope to work with you and your child.

Ziad Abou-Rafeh

Head of Secondary School

Head of Primary School's Message

Every Child matters every day! 

I extend to you and your child a very warm welcome to Peninsula International School Australia. 

I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of this strong and vibrant school community – a community that pursues excellence in teaching and learning whilst nurturing the social and emotional needs of students, to support them to become confident and resilient individuals so that they can become global citizens of the future. 

We pride ourselves in providing a school with a warm, safe and happy learning environment where students feel welcome and are cared for. Our aim is to provide opportunities that extend and challenge every student to exceed their potential and achieve personal, social and academic success as well as cater for a range of positive education concepts that will support our students throughout their learning journey. I am inspired by our students and their curiosity and confidence in who they are and all that they do. Our strong learning culture challenges each student to develop a sense of wonder and inspire others with their strengths and student led action.  

Our Epic values play a key role in our daily routines. Empathy, Personal Excellence, Integrity and Community Spirit play a fundamental role in demonstrating kindness towards each other, 

  • Pursuing excellence 
  • Having mutual respect for one another 
  • Supporting each other with care and consideration
  • Valuing open and honest communication
  • Being innovative and inspiring

Our primary school has dedicated staff who strive for high standards in teaching and learning by continually improving their own professional knowledge and expertise to ensure students are provided with a high quality education. Our passion for excellence is a driving force each and every day. We focus on providing a school that is collaborative, inclusive and maintaining whole school approaches to engage and improve student learning.

Great schools are a shared responsibility and we are fortunate at PISA to have a dynamic and vibrant school where there is strong community, parent and family involvement. I encourage parents and caregivers to be involved in the life of the school. We are partners in learning with our students and continuously seeking to deepen their knowledge, providing enriching and innovative learning experiences.

Ms. Elaine Mann

Head of Primary School

Elaine Mann

Welcome from the Head of Middle School

“Education has but one main purpose – to prepare students for the real world.  To do that we need to get “real” in education.  It is imperative that we provide ongoing, authentic learning opportunities to our students.” – Steve Revington 

Brain research has long advocated a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning, with the pursuit of meaningful tasks, a variety of skills and real world applications as optimal to an engaging and meaningful education.

In our Middle School we are proud to offer a world class 21st Century educational offering which has at its core the best practice of developing critical thinkers, creative agents, effective communicators, purposeful collaborators and responsible citizens. 

Intellectual skills are balanced with the emotional, physical and spiritual development creating a powerful combination that leads to a broad outlook and positive self-awareness.

This worthy education inspires children to life-long learning and a yearning to continue to grow and discover. Children are challenged to acquire self-leadership, take initiative and accept their responsibility towards creating a better tomorrow.

Dear Middle School Students

I have chosen these words that describe who we are as a Middle School, because being sure of one’s identity is important as you take your next step forward in your educational journey.

Family: An endearment that we choose to describe our school community. 

Friends: The encouragement you will receive from your peers who support you along your educational journey.

Why? An important skill you will learn: not only to ask lots of questions, but also what the right questions are to ask. 

Smile: A word that reflects the kindness and acceptance for each other that our school has in abundance.

Perseverance and Self-belief: A prompt to persevere in the face of challenges and to continue to strive for what you believe in. 

Courage: A reminder that true courage is in facing new experiences and seeing them as possibilities. Enter loudly and triumphantly into the Middle School.

Success: A resolution to set smart goals that lead to success. 

Mrs Tanya Allman

Head of Middle School

Head of Senior School's message

I warmly welcome all potential parents and students to our wonderful school.

Here in the Senior School at Peninsula International School of Australia, we endeavouring to develop the minds of our young men and women to be critical and independent thinkers who will leave our school as mature, responsible and accountable young adults ready to take up their place in modern society. To do this, we seek to challenge our Senior School students to look deep within themselves, to embrace the world class 21st Century educational offering which has at its core the best practice to allow for this development.

The future indeed lies at your doorstep. It is how one chooses to embrace it that will allow each and every individual to leave their mark on their educational journey. Three important and powerful secrets to success are Gratitude Grit and Generosity. These are the secrets that develop character, discipline, courage and determination and it here at Peninsula International School of Australia where we strive to instil these characteristics with every one of our students.

I look to welcome many of you to our wonderful school where we can work as a team to develop your sons and daughters into vibrant and positive members of society

Mr Bruce Nozaic

Head of Senior School

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Principal's Welcome Message

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Peninsula International School Australia (PISA), a co-educational day and boarding school for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 (VCE) Australian Curriculum School, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our partner in the delivery of this vibrant and internationally recognised curriculum is the prestigious Peninsula Grammar School in Mt Eliza, Victoria Australia.

At Peninsula International School Australia, we blend in traditional values – courtesy, tolerance, respect, empathy, integrity, community spirit and decency with a forward and outward approach to modern education. Your child will experience a first class innovative and dynamic learning environment that will provide them with the academic and personal skills to flourish in the 21st century. Academic ambition matters and it is important that every student is inspired to be the best they can be. We possess a vision for learning that encompasses all aspects of life, not just the intellectual but also the social, cultural, physical and spiritual dimensions where education is deliberately structured to develop the whole person in a caring, family-oriented environment.

Peninsula International School Australia is an open and inclusive community of learners, serving the need of young people and their families. We want our students to develop curiosity, imagination and confidence in themselves. We want them to be compassionate and caring, thoughtful of others. We want them to think and problem solve, as well as develop independence, and personal and social responsibility. We want them to aspire to be the best they can be.

At PISA we believe in rich learning that extends beyond knowledge, to deeper understanding and the development of wisdom. So much of that happens through learning experiences and challenges, as well as through the guidance and encouragement of highly qualified, talented and passionate staff, eager themselves to further their own learning in the interests of their students. Our staff believes in the value of each individual student and are committed to their growth – from the youngest years, through adolescence to their final examinations, graduation and life beyond school.

PISA offers a healthy environment, with rich opportunities beyond the classroom. Through involvement in sports, debating, creative and performing arts, leadership and service learning, our students discover their creativity, teamwork, work/life balance, and other life lessons they will take with them after graduating. It is our goal that each student will go from strength to strength, develop courage and resilience, and have a strong sense of self, so they can go on to shape their worlds into the future.

This website is merely a glimpse of the richness and diversity of the learning experiences at our School and within our community. I warmly invite you to come and visit us, to meet our staff and students and to experience Peninsula International School Australia for yourself.

Mr. Guy Cassarchis
M.Ed. (Leadership & Management), B.Ed. (PDHPE), Dip. Teach (HPE & Rec. K – 12), MACE, MACEL