The school is audited by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, a statutory body, ensures quality delivery of education. We also receive support from Peninsula Grammar, our parent school in Melbourne, which has a long tradition of educational excellence. We are one of the few international schools in Malaysia that has affiliation with an overseas international school.

Australia is the leading destination for Malaysian students who pursue their tertiary education overseas. After getting a good grounding in the Australian culture and system during their K-12 years, students’ can transition seamlessly into Australian universities.

In this borderless world where different cultures converge, children exposed to different systems benefit from the diversity. They get the best of both worlds of exams and coursework with the Victorian curriculum from Australia.

The British system focuses more on one major examination whereas the US system is more oriented towards extra-curricular activities. The Australian system falls in between, allowing students to get the best of both spectrums.

Students will be assessed through an Annual International Benchmarking Test for Year 3 to Year 11 students.

Students under the Australian system receive a more holistic education, giving them a head start when they enter the workforce (e.g. critical thinking, leadership skills and public speaking).

VCE is a widely acceptable admission qualification into major universities worldwide. The VCE certification is equivalent to A Level, IB Diploma and STPM.

Our schooling calendar year fits in with the Australian universities’ intake, with little gap between end of schooling and start of tertiary education.

Our fees are affordable compared to other Tier 1 International School. Moreover, we are the only few international schools in Malaysia that has affiliation with an international school (Peninsula Grammar in Melbourne).