A Mesmerising Hari Raya Assembly Unites Community 

Peninsula International School Australia (PISA) recently held a vibrant celebration in conjunction with Hari Raya, uniting its diverse community in a stunning showcase of cultural appreciation and unity. The school’s auditorium buzzed with excitement on Monday afternoon as students, teachers, and staff came together to partake in the festivities. 

From captivating traditional dances brimming with colour and energy to heartfelt messages advocating inclusivity, the Hari Raya Assembly exemplified the school’s dedication to embracing cultural diversity. The melodious tunes of the gamelan resonated through the air, expertly performed by talented members of the PISA community. 

This annual event is a testament to PISA’s commitment to nurturing an inclusive and harmonious environment where all cultures are embraced and honoured. It also underscores the school’s endeavours to cultivate cultural awareness and understanding among its students. 

As PISA continues to champion cultural diversity and unity, gatherings like the Hari Raya Assembly emphasise the school’s role in fostering global citizens who value and respect diverse traditions and backgrounds. 

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