World Book Day Sparks Student Passion 

Peninsula International School Australia (PISA) recently marked World Book Day enthusiastically, joining the global movement led by UNESCO to promote reading and literacy. Celebrated annually on April 23rd, World Book Day aims to inspire a love for books and learning among students worldwide. 

On this special occasion, PISA’s Junior and Middle School students engaged in various reading activities tailored to spark their love for literature. From interactive reading sessions to engaging in literary discussions, students were encouraged to delve into the enchanting world of storytelling. 

A standout moment during the celebrations was the peer reading initiative, where students from Junior and Middle School collaborated to share the joy of reading. This collective effort fostered teamwork and camaraderie and underscored the significance of literacy in education. 

Through active participation in World Book Day events, PISA showcases its dedication to cultivating well-rounded individuals with a solid grounding in literacy and critical thinking abilities. These endeavours align with the school’s mission to deliver a comprehensive education that equips students to excel academically and positively contribute to society. 

As PISA continues championing initiatives like World Book Day, it reinforces its standing as a premier institution committed to academic excellence and holistic student development. 

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